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"Discontinued" - NO-AD BABY LOTION SPF 50 - 13oz


"Discontinued" - NO-AD BABY LOTION SPF 50 - 13oz

This product is no longer in stock!  We are optimistic that product will resume manufacturing in the coming months for the 2023 season.......yes.....2023 season! 

We encourage you to email us and let us know what you need or like about Ocean Potion formulas and/or the brand.  This will help in our seach for a re-launch of products / SPF's / sizes / etc.

Please consider the new Reef Sport Suncare offerings by SandBoxx Group. We like to consider them the new "Scent of Sunshineand has impoved formulas providing maximun protection from the Reef!

Thanks for playing in the sandBoxx!

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