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Wanna Play?  Reef Sport Suncare was created with a sustainable initiative from products to everyday business practices with a focus on a “green” footprint. Reef Sport products derived from many years of industry experts on what makes protection fun and affordable! Our need for Oxybenzone / Octinoxate* Free as a base to protect the reefs and oceans is almost as important as micro-plastics / global warming. As we the industry like to say…..the most efficient and Reef Friendly products are the products that stay on your skin and do not wash off. Therefore, quality ingredients is where we start.  

Reef Sport Suncare is not a “box” brand. The focus is on where people recreate / relax / relate.  A few of the products are designed for boutique protection to the islands, exotic resorts, destinations or just lounging in pool side lounge chair in Las Vegas. Whether seeking some color (while you dry out), need some activity-based protection, or just got lazy and forgot to apply/reapply. We have you covered from SPF 0 – SPF 70. Oh…we did not forget about your lips with SPF 15 – SPF 55.5 or you pain by offering aftersun in gel and lotion. Heck…we even have some Aloe-Ahhh lidocaine gel for the strategic needed moments of ???? / pre-shave / burns!

Formulated for fun and to stand up to the elements - Sun, Sand, Water!

Signature Fragrance - The "Scent of Summer" - similar to Ocean Potion Sunscreen

Reef Friendly - Island Approved - Oxybenzone / Octinoxate* free

Water Resistance formula’s SPF 15.5+ (80 Minutes)

UVA / UVB Protection – Broad Spectrum Protection

Infused Formulas - Aloe Vera & Vitamin Enriched, Exotic Algae's, and a few Extract’s……

Anti-Aging – Apply 20min before you need it……..and then at before lunch time. What 30 minutes so you do not get cramps!

Family / Employee Owned & Operated and mostly distributed by SandBoxx Group in the USA / Caribbean / Mexico and someday Maldives / Seychelles / Palau!

Suncare sunscreen sunblock suntan tan tanning continuous spray lotion

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